Milo Raad

Alex Smoke

Belgrade-born producer focusing on the deepest side of Techno. Released on Soma, Mord, MindTrip, Edit Select, Olympian, Faut Section — early support of his productions from leading players in the Techno industry has been proofing the quality of his output.

Sounding out the depth of Techno, his thorough understanding carries his productions, defined by a minimalistic and dark sound aesthetic driven by deep grooves. Continuous tension is running through his tracks without using big build-ups or massive breakdowns. Milo manages to get to the root of Techno and reinterpret it in a unique and personal way, independent of trends - Modern, future-oriented Techno.

Milo Raad performed from Asia to South America and is a regular across venues in Europe, where he presented his music at some of the most distinguished events and clubs like Boiler Room, Tresor Berlin, Exit Festival, and Melkweg Amsterdam, to name a few.