Slam - Transport EP

Monday, 10th December 2018

Slam’s final release of the year has them heading back into dance floor orientated territory with the Transport EP. 2018 has been a massive year for the duo with their non stop touring alongside typically huge releases on Soma, plus the release of their 7th studio album ‘Athenæum 101’ to critical acclaim.

The Method gets the EP going as evolving, modulating synths carry the vibe against straight up and effective drums. Taking a more deeper approach, Response glides gently with pulsating yet subtle tones used for hypnotic effect as energetic percussion constructs a jacking element to the track. Picking up the pace again, Strike Encounter has a tripped out sequence, reminiscent of early Hood minimalism, driving the core with a sense of urgency. Highly effective drum patterns keep the rapidity in check also. Slam power home the EP with it’s titular final track, Transport. Jarring, percussive like synth attack with unrelenting momentum, further tension being built by creative FX use once again. A more emotive element is introduced with a hovering yet uneasing pad, that gives way to the unyielding energy present throughout.

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Roll Dann - Diverse Fields EP

Monday, 26th November 2018

Soma welcome yet more new blood into the fold in the shape of Spanish producer, Roll Dann. With only a few releases under his belt, the young producer quickly caught the Soma team’s ears with his style. With his Diverse Fields EP, Roll Dann delivers 4 slices of dance floor fixated weaponry. 

Title track Diverse Fields opens the EP and its instantly hypnotic hook grabs you before rave induced synths fill the track creating tension throughout. Chips continues the hypnotism but leans more on a more droning, mechanical tip. Laurel raises the intensity even more with its staccato synths & sharp percussive elements, Roll Dann really drives this one home. Aural Revision closes out Roll Dann’s debut Soma release; a quirky sequence leads the track, modulating subtly throughout as stern drums build and pulsate. 

A bold debut from the young Spaniard and one that shows great promise.

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SLV- Reflected Light EP

Monday, 12th November 2018

Soma favourite SLV marks a return to the label with a brand new single, Reflected Light EP. With a special concept album in the works, the Berlin based producer drops three uniquely crafted tracks that show a maturation of his already well sculpted sound.

Title track Reflected Light is an energetic, rave infused track set to SLV's signature rolling, powerful drum workouts. Dreamscapes take has SLV on an acid tip reminiscent of early Plastikman. A subtle yet eerily deep acid line drifts across well crafted percussive elements that are drenched in just enough reverb to deliver that atmospheric tension. Keeping things fresh, SLV rounds of the EP with a tougher broken beat affair. Twisted, modulating leads snarl throughout as rock hard drums set the pace.

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Setoac Mass - Surface For Air EP

Friday, 9th November 2018

Soma welcome Manchester born - Berlin based Setaoc Mass for his label debut with the Surface For Air EP. A longtime favourite of the Soma camp, Sam’s high energy Techno and creative style has been sought after for some time. With some huge releases on his own SK11 imprint, Sam delivers four devastating, club ready weapons.

Sam’s driving style is prevalent on all 4 tracks yet he still injects a dose of emotion in each as twisted sequences and ambient, ethereal soundscapes are peppered throughout giving each one a unique, distinctive sound.

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Symmetrical Behaviour - Distorting Influence EP

Monday, 15th October 2018

Soma welcome back the pairing of VSK & Conrad Von Orton for their 3rd outing on the label with their collaborative project, Symmetrical Behaviour. The pair have slowing been building their repertoire with Soma and their latest release, Distorting Influence, has them once again delivering 3 unique and dynamic tracks.

‘Resisting a Distorting Influence’ opens the EP with warped and tripped out synths lines set against a dark and hypnotic background of stripped rhythmic elements. The duo begin to accelerate with ’Deformation Gradient’ as colossal synth hooks build gradually with cyclonic effect, setting the tone for a fairly chaotic yet controlled affair. ‘Finite Strain Theory‘ closes out the EP in much the same fashion with yet more intense, high impact tonality. Syncopated synths are the driving force, again building slowly while snapping, abrasive percussion shatter the tension and propel the track with thunderous momentum.

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Slam - Cyclone EP

Monday, 8th October 2018

Slam are back with another single on their Soma imprint, delivering 3 devastating tracks with the Cyclone EP. The dynamic Glasgow duo have been relentless with their material this year - despite their heavy touring schedule - which only seems to have increased their output and dedication to cultivating their well refined sound. 

Opening with Antonym, Slam keep the sound deep, dark and hypnotic as incessant drums fuel the twisted and foreboding synths lines. Title track Cyclone certainly steps things up a notch as pulsating tones cascade across a typical lethal and intense percussive section. Revolve closes out the EP bridging the styles of the two previous tracks nicely. A solid, grounded tone is set by the rolling subs and kicks while gradually accentuating high hats keep the pace of the track; the synth elements are slowly enhanced, always building and continue with fevered momentum. 

Slam easily convey an intense and controlled environment with this EP - exhibiting great depth and disciplined production skills.

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Monday, 8th October 2018

Sample Magic is proud to present a collaboration with one of most the legendary labels around: Soma Records.

Soma Records: Sample Pack Part 1 delivers 450mb+ of royalty-free sounds that embody the essence of the seminal, legendary techno label. Expect an archive packed with pounding tech-beats, dark analogue synths, brooding basslines, hardware FX, reworked classic drum hits, and one-shots curated into various formats (Ableton Rack, EXS24, and Reason Combinator Presets).

Expertly crafted by SLV - born in the heart of the East Berlin and heavily influenced by techno culture since birth, sprinkles of melancholic funk ride loop after loop of gritty basement grooves. SLV's much-vaunted productions have garnered the attention of Slam, Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte, Tale of Us, Ilario Alicante and Cleric to name a few and now proudly appear exclusively on Sample Magic.

The collection has been created using the finest drum machines, synths, and outboard processing to ensure an authentic vibe throughout, stamped and sealed with the Soma seal of approval for a collection guaranteed to inspire.

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Charles Fenckler - Distant Light EP

Tuesday, 18th September 2018

The much lauded Charles Fenckler makes a triumphant return to Soma Records with the Distant Light EP. Charles ramps up the pace with 3 tough, acid Techno tracks - firmly aimed at dance floor destruction.

Title track Distant Light opens with a thunderously distorted 909 kick drum and wastes no time in launching into a flurry of intense percussive elements, amen style samples and alarm like synth hooks. Texture 3.0003 has a decidedly deeper feel to it yet keeps the momentum going as Fenckler works in the acid to great effect. Tension closes out EP in furious fashion as trippy vocals sit atop a crunching drum workout with Fenckler keeping it relentless with his full on, raw energy.

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Magna Pia - Venus Genetrix EP

Tuesday, 28th August 2018

Soma welcome one half of the Cassegrain project under his own alias, Magna Pia, for a special debut release on the label. Having conquered the Techno world as the duo Cassegrain, Hüseyin Evirgen has now decided to focus on this solo project for a series of releases with Soma. Venus Genetrix delivers all all fronts with a suitably raw and upfront sound.

Title track Venus Genetrix kicks of the EP with stripped back percussion gliding alongside pumping kicks as trance inducing synth elements working their way in gently - a heady and cerebral journey. Percival keep the momentum going and picks up the pace instantly with syncopated synth patterns guiding the way as a steadily mutating hook and driving drums create perfect dance floor weaponry. Judith closes out EP on a slightly deeper note. Vigorous, energetic percussive elements keep the impetus on the driving nature of the previous tracks but Judith is glued together nicely by a deep, atmospheric pad and hazy, filtered components.

A well crafted and immersive release, Magna Pia looks set to continue his fine run of form with this Soma EP.

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Tensal - Graphical Remixes

Monday, 20th August 2018

Following the critically acclaimed debut album from Tensal, Soma presents a specially commissioned remix EP to compliment the album. A varied collection of artists are prominent on the release with new and established alike, each delivering their own take on Tensal’s originals.

UK producer Pessimist opens the EP. His unique aesthetic of Jungle/Drum&Bass - come - Techno certainly makes its presence felt on the A Side as he delivers a monster of a remix, soaked in dark, brooding textures and broken rhythms. Another UK techno export makes his debut on Soma as Shifted lends his remix skills to the package. Pulsating and propulsive, Shifted exudes pure energy with his version of Santolaya. Prolific French producer Umwelt closes out the EP with his interpretation of Belga. An old skool, electro affair Umwelt still retains a melancholic edge to the production. 

Two special, digital only tracks from Shifted & Umwelt also feature in this promo

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SLAM - Synchro EP

Monday, 13th August 2018

Slam release a new EP hot on the heels of their new Archive Edits Series, one that sees the Glaswegian duo focusing firmly on raw, dance floor Techno with fast paced  intelligently programmed audio assaults. 

Title track Synchro features a remix from Autonomous, a snapping 808 electro workout with slick robotic beats and synths to create a melancholic vibe. The original of Synchro quickly follows like a knockout blow with a thundering pace. Static shock synth hooks drive a steady and unyielding 909 beat. Trilinear brings a bit more depth but still retains ferocity. Resonating and pulsing synths create the tension with propulsive percussion constructing the energy. Destrakt continues the high energy tone set by the rest of the EP, producing an intense workout. 

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Yan Cook - Toxin EP

Tuesday, 7th August 2018

In form Ukrainian producer Yan Cook returns to the Soma ranks, following up his debut release on the label earlier this year by delivering 3 unique and hard hitting tracks soaked with his usual flair and singular aesthetic in the Toxin EP, 

Title track Toxin displays Yan as his most powerful. Thunderous and aggressive, Toxin is relentless Techno of the highest order. Yan keep the momentum flowing with Noisy Neighbour but adds depth with pulsating synth tones running the backbone of the track, glue together by tight percussive elements. Closing out the EP with ZZZ, a more dark and cinematic approach is taken with Yan really working the synth elements and sound design, creating high octane sounds combined with punishing drum workouts. 

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Slam - Archive Edits Volume 1

Monday, 9th July 2018

Slam present a brand new series of releases inspired by crate digging through their very own record collection entitled ‘Archive Edits’.

After last years Soma Track Series came to a close, the prolific Glaswegian duo have now tapped into their immense and diverse record collection, carefully selecting specific tracks from their archives with a series of reworks and re-edits that have sound tracked their dynamic DJ sets of late.

Providing some insight into the vision for the project, Slam’s Stuart McMillan said, 'The tracks chosen are not only ones that we think have stood the test of time but are ones that we might not always have necessarily played at the time and somehow have a relevance now. Some are well known with Techno enthusiasts, some are not. We've collected a lot of records throughout the years and it has been insightful to look back and choose certain tracks, not only to gain inspiration from, but also to create something new and add elements that make them work for us in our DJ sets now".

Digital available NOW - Vinyl available soon.

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Rebekah - Enigma EP

Monday, 2nd July 2018

Rebekah makes a more than welcome return to the Soma family with the Enigma EP. The dynamic DJ and producer has been on some what of a roll since her debut album on Soma last year and has taken her furious sound to clubs around the world. With this latest EP she continues to explore the tougher sonic territories for which she is well known.

Title track Enigma kicks off with Rebekah’s trademark fast and furious energy prominent from the start - carefully constructed percussion and destructive sound design bring the rhythm and power behind the track. The Otherside continues the onslaught with a proper marching beat driving the track with further propellant in the form of distorted vocals and synth elements. Closing out this latest EP is Eighties With You - Rebekah delves in headstrong once again building this one gradually with explosive kicks and percussion as dark, ominous tones grind the axe before once again going full pelt for more in-your-face Techno.

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Symmetrical Behaviour - Biology, Behaviour And Disorders EP

Monday, 25th June 2018

Comparative Neuropathology opens with an impressive array of elements all working together - an excellent example of both producers sound culminating in an energetic and effectual workout. Regional Variation delivers a more hypnotic and cerebral sound yet still maintains its dance floor presence with piercing synth work and heightened percussive elements.Title track Biology, Behaviour And Disorders keeps the momentum flowing as yet more huge production is used to full potential with swelling hooks and thunderous percussion.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @

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Soma Coma 7

Friday, 22nd June 2018

The Soma Coma Series returns with its 7th instalment, bringing original and reworked tracks from Soma's current roster alongside some of the wider electronic music community. Aimed at the more ambient, cerebral side of Techno, Soma Coma 7 features Slam, Rebekah, Edit Select, Jonas Kopp, Clouds and more adding to the high standard set by this well loved compilation series.
Consisting of a massive 13 tracks, the immersive qualities of the album are apparent from the start with Deepbass' Ambient Version of Circa opening the album, quickly followed by the always on point Deepchord with Roca 9 - tarn from his most recent Soma LP. Current Soma collaborators SLV & Edit Select offer two very contrasting pieces with Glasgow's own Petrichor making an appearance with the glistening Ko-Rah. An uncharacteristic piece from Rebekah highlights her dynamic production skills while recent offerings from 04LM & Charles fencer once again find their place within the album. Labels heads Slam makes various appearances with exclusive remixes of their 'Reverse Proceed' project finally seeing the light of day. Jonas Kopp, Clouds, & Jeroen Search breathe new life into the already exquisite material from the Glasgow Duo. 

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Gemini Voice Archive - Space Time Anatomy

Monday, 4th June 2018

Gemini Voice Archive mark EP number two of 2018 with Space Time Anatomy, a varied and impressive release that sees the duo continue to develop their sound on Soma.

Title track Space Time Anatomy is a particularly tripped out affair that has the duo taking a detour from their typically hard hitting vibes - delivering something for the after hours. Magnetic Investment has the pair on a more dance floor tip, shifting the tone of the EP as hypnotic elements drive the rhythm with sweeping drones giving space and depth throughout the track . Closing with Portal, GVA take things down slightly but still deliver on hypnotism and subtle yet driving Techno.

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Tensal - Debut Album - Graphical LP

Friday, 25th May 2018

Soma are proud to present the debut album from one of Techno’s most prolific and renowned producers, TENSAL. As one half of the duo Exium, Hector Sandoval has already carved out a career in Techno spanning over 20 years, with countless release on their self-run Nheoma, Warm Up Recordings & Pole Group, to name but a few. In 2014, he started the TENSAL project as an outlet for his own productions which allowed him the scope of pursuing the more direct and minimalistic approach with his music and also his Dj’ing. After hooking up with the Soma camp in early 2017 and releasing a collection of well-refined singles, Tensal delivers his debut album, Graphical. Searching to go beyond the realm of standard Techno, TENSAL lends his considerable production experience to this project and creates a sophisticated and immersive album experience that flows gracefully between IDM and Techno.

With the more stripped back approach at the forefront of the project, Belga gives us an insight of what to expect from the album; a refined sequence and melodic element build gracefully and hypnotically, ending abruptly to leave you wanting more. Santolaya picks things up and brings with it a more pensive and exploratory view before the droning and atmospheric Roj0 leans on a decidedly more experimental side. Aimed at bringing tension to the project, Convulsa’s waves of sub bass and syncopated percussion set the tone for a pulsing and edgy affair. Tensal brings 4x4 into play with Polariex. Slow paced yet staunch in it’s approach, a gritty synth hook stands as the backbone. A more hypnotic approach on EgoAio looks to bring in the standard Tensal sound but as always, new and experimental sounds are at the forefront. Closing out the album, the focus begins to shift to a more dance floor orientated attitude. Zomb is a quintessential DJ tool, drawing on the power of restraint, as its gradual swells create perfect cohesion throughout. P R U V I 4 continues the ongoing theme of tension as multi layered hooks surge forth against a backdrop of forceful drums and undulating noise. Tensal ends his debut LP on a high with the punishing Mimix. Pounding kicks and twisted, tripped out synths are driven in intensity with chopping high hats that slice through with vigour.

With Graphical, Tensal has constructed a body of work that is more than the sum of its parts; easily and intelligently displaying his production prowess by crafting a sonically accomplished album.

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Kontal - What Lies Below

Tuesday, 8th May 2018

Soma welcome a new artist to the label as Maltese based KONTAL debuts with What Lies Below. Having only begun the project at the tail end of 2017, Kontal steps up with four solid, dance floor ready tracks.

Broken Home kicks off with tough, jacked up drums hammering full pelt while disruptive synths set the tone. Trauma deliver yet more warped Techno with a pulsating synth hook building gradually throughout. Reflect brings out the more hypnotic and emotive side to Kontal as ethereal pads drift across more subtle percussive elements. Parallel closes Kontal’s debut Soma EP, keeping up the pace of previous tracks and creates a more dense and cerebral sound.

A well rounded and soundly produced EP, Kontal shows great depth of dance floor knowledge.

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Slam - Blue Dragon EP

Monday, 23rd April 2018

Slam continue their assault on 2018 with this, already their 3rd release of 2018, the Blue Dragon EP. Drawing on various aspects of Techno, the duo once again deliver on quality with 4 tracks that seek to further develop their sound.

Mistral sets an almost industrial tone to the new EP, a short yet sweet EP opener, its broken beats and syncopated percussion prepare you for the onslaught to come. Title track Blue Dragon picks up the pace with Slam unleashing the acid at a furious tempo, held together with that clinical Slam style. Chimera keeps the intensity at boiling point as unrelenting drums surge forward - creating a powerful and forceful track. The more hypnotic Process closes out the EP but still has the pair firing on all cylinders as regimented and energetic percussive elements drive home a pulsating synth hook.

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Roberto Clementi - Never Ending Mirage

Monday, 16th April 2018

After a short hiatus, Roberto Clementi returns to Soma with the Never Ending Mirage EP. Making his debut on Soma almost 6 years ago, Clementi has wowed with his beautifully crafted, signature dub infused Techno sound - eventually releasing his first full length, N Lights in 2014. He has since been working hard to refine his sound even further and this latest EP has something a bit tougher in store whilst staying true to his sound.

609 opens the release and has Clementi on suitably deep and emotive form. Well crafted drums and percussive elements set the pace as sweeping, ethereal pads create a moving and elegant piece. Title track Never Ending Mirage toughens things up a little but still retains Clementi's immersive aesthetic. Broken beats charge down more cinematic feeling pads and strings, tied together by electrifying synths. Final track Swarms takes a more DJ tool approach - looped out synth hooks evolve and manoeuvre against a backdrop of pulsating rhythmic structures.

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Cleric - Silent Kingdom EP

Monday, 9th April 2018

After a storming Soma debut at the tail end of 2017, Cleric returns with the Silent Kingdom EP. This typically intense and raucous new release features an epic VSK remix on the flip.

Phantom Limb opens the EP, all guns blazing. Calamitous percussion hammers through as twisted synth hooks tear the speakers with unrelenting drive. Tag X takes on a more hypnotic functionality yet still embodies Cleric's fierce, vigorous energy. Title track Silent Kingdom concludes Cleric's original tracks for the new EP and doesn't let up on intensity one bit. Pervasive rhythmic elements are bolstered by dystopic pads that cleave through the heart of the track creating an absolute killer, peak time cut. The in-form, Berlin based VSK, fresh from his Soma release under Symmetrical Behaviour offers his take on Silent Kingdom; a decidedly gritty affair he retains the deeper elements of the original but certainly ups the severity.

Another hard hitting and astute release from one of the UK's brightest talents.

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Gemini Voice Archive - Magnetar

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

Gemini Voice Archive are back and kick off 2018 with some fresh and exciting new material as they drop their latest EP, Magnetar. Since releasing their debut album with Soma last year, the duo have been busy in the studio collecting new material and this new EP has them back on fine form.

Black Holes Of Stellar Mass is a twisted, drone filled affair as dark, pervasive synths bellow across energetic drums and contorted tones. La Flecha Del Tiempo has a more subtle and hypnotic vibe as enigmatic pad elements drift across an animated body of crisp, percussive components, delivering a brooding and ominous track. Title track, Magnetar, closes out the EP staying on the hypnotic tip. GVA flex their muscles a little more however, with a tripped out bass line and more intense percussion but still manage to create depth with expert arrangements and flow.

GVA once again impressed with their productions as they kick off their 2018 Soma account in style

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Tensal - Before The Bonfire EP

Monday, 26th March 2018

Tensal returns to Soma with Before The Bonfire EP, the second single ahead of his forthcoming LP coming this May. Always pushing forward with his music, Tensal whips up a perfectly balanced 3 track release that straddles his more hypnotic sounds alongside deeper vibes.

A side Quantico comes straight out the blocks with huge drums and well structured, syncopated percussion, building and swelling throughout with crashing cymbals leading into huge drops. Praxis serves up a classic slice of Tensal infused Techno. Creatively layered elements come together in perfect harmony to form a suitably hypnotic yet driving track. Cobertoria has Tensal traversing deeper territory as more subtle beats are coupled with entrancingly moulded pads lines and smooth filter sweeps - perfect for the after hours moments.

Tensal, once again, shows his production prowess with this meticulously crafted release.

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Yan Cook - Wide Angle EP

Monday, 19th March 2018

Dynamic Ukrainian producer Yan Cook makes his debut on Soma Records with the Wide Angle EP. Active on the scene for some time now and releasing on a number of top flight labels, Yan delivers a devastating 4 track EP, chalked full of his distinctive sound.

The ominous title Wide Angle kicks things off with thumping and tripped out low end and doesn’t hold back, firing straight out of the block with rapid percussion and twisted synth elements. Krater keeps up the pace with a more rolling and hypnotic feel; crushing rhythmic elements has Yan on full attack mode with this track. Blacklisted keeps up the aggressive vibes with sinister tones, growling basslines and yet more jarring and propulsive rhythms. Closing out with Red Stream, Yan continues with the malevolent vibes as dark and forbidding tones permeate throughout this perfectly crafted tool.

Yan Cook is yet another welcome addition to the ever growing roster of high quality talent on Soma.

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SLV - Gestern und Heute EP

Monday, 12th March 2018

Berlin based SLV makes a welcome return to Soma with his latest release, Gestern und Heute EP. Having gradually built himself to be one of the most exciting prospects on the Soma roster, SLV continues to impressive with his dark yet emotive sound. This release also features a spectacular remix from rising UK Techno act Cleric.

The melancholic Artefakt opens the EP with its wonderfully crafted syncopated beats and cold, haunting synth work. Kreuzwege has SLV back on four to the floor territory and working a real dance floor burning as tweeked out leads are bolstered by typical powerful drum work from SLV. Jetzt keeps things moving at a fast pace yet brings a more emotive side. Intense percussive workouts drive the tracks with fleeting pads taking the tone of the tracks to other heights. Cleric takes on Artefakt and delivers a suitably punchy, furious rework yet still retains the essence of the original.

Another unique release has SLV standing out from the crowd with his distinctive sound.

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Slam - Constructivism EP

Tuesday, 6th March 2018

1. Mellifluous
2. Pantera
3. Paradox
4. Constructivism

Despite the pair’s heavy touring schedule, they consistently deliver ever more impressive releases each time, exploring the realms of dance floor orientated Techno.

Opening with Mellifluous, surging synths are propelled by tough kicks and driving percussive elements yet the whole track is tied together by deep and emotive pads. Pantera begins to take things up a notch. A seemingly more stripped back approach gives way to hypnotic rhythms and effect drum workouts. Paradox lifts things further still, building gradually through effective use of subtle FX and a very in your face track structure. Title track Constructivism a colossal EMB cut, road-tested by the pair at Berghain just two weeks ago, closes out the EP. A well crafted and constantly evolving sequence burns at the heart and drives this monster home with furious energy.

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Edit Select - Cyclical Undulations

Friday, 2nd March 2018

Long-term Soma collaborator Tony Scott drops his debut album with the label under his Edit Select alias, the perfectly crafted experience, ‘Cyclical Undulations’. Having released with Soma under his Percy X moniker for years and having countless hits under his belt, Scott reinvented himself as Edit Select. Known for his dark, expressive and expansive music, Edit Select has become once of the most well respected and renowned artists in the genre. With this latest full length, he continues to explore the furthest reaches of the Deep Techno spectrum.

The Cyclical Undulations journey begins with Insta Grain, a mesmeric odyssey of ebbing pads and sparse percussive elements that seem to drift of into the expanse. A perfect opener before the first foray into more 4x4 territory begins with Above Ground a pulsating affair before Two Step Phase, a more stripped back affair, reminiscent of earlier Percy X works in it’s 90s heyday. Undulation, more propulsive in it’s approach, melds warping synth hooks alongside spectral tones. Horizon#1 follows in a similar vein yet drift into slightly more hypnotic territory as recurrent tones lead the track. Scott flourishes with yet more machine-throb crafting Close Up & In The Beginning She Was, both stacked with subtle nuances of his stylised percussion lost across dream like states. The later half of the album has a distinct minimalistic approach yet seem to provide maximal output with every beat. Horizon#2 is dark and ominous yet still characterised by a tough percussive element. Contact, produced in collaboration with Claudio PRC, delves into more submerged sounds with heavy sub bass and echoed drums, finishing of with Towards The E; a shuffling broken beat affair with after hours vibes and an endearing ethereal quality.

Cyclical Undulations demonstrates a mature sense of production from Edit Select. An assured collection of material, each track providing a striking insight into a true artistic mind.

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Drafted - Drive Textures

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

Soma welcome a new artist to the ranks in the shape of up and coming Italian producer Drafted. After a debut appearance on 2016’s VA Transmission release with his track ‘Escluded’, Drafted has been gradually developing and honing his production skills and now delivers his solo EP, Drive Textures. An expertly produced record that shows great depth and skill for someone so young. 

After the gentle opening of Autumn Spin, the EP picks up pace with Cluster. A Hypnotic, esoteric piece clouded with warm, harmonious textures and disciplined percussion. Helyion keeps the mesmeric tone going as modulating synths pulsate atop a backdrop of reverb soaked ambience. Terraforma introduces a more tripped out, broken affair with syncopated beats laying the groundwork for more, trance like, atmospheres. Drafted closes out the EP with the ominous, Vulture. Shimmering pads hover round a continually oscillating, buzzing synth hook and delicately balanced drums; a masterclass in restrained yet powerfully deep Techno

A refined and beautifully constructed EP, Drafted sets the tone for what will surely be a string of Soma releases.

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Tensal - The Judgment EP

Monday, 12th February 2018

After 3 hugely successful singles, veteran Spanish producer, Tensal will deliver his first full length later this year on Soma. As we build toward this momentous occasion, four hard hitting and idiosyncratic tracks come courtesy of Tensal as he drops The Judgment EP.

Marenga opens the EP in perfect Tensal style. A unique and well constructed sequence sits atop pervasive kicks, utilising subtle vocals and layered percussion to work the groove. 1 9 9 4 O N harks to tougher times with huge broken kick patterns, twisted synths elements and a darker vibe throughout. Things get deeper and more tripped out with Fano. Here, a more hypnotised & narcotic feeling is in effect with percussive and synth elements washing in and out of the mix whilst still retaining a solid drive. Delafix closes out the EP bringing together Tensal’s creative range under one track. The hypnotic tripped out vibe is prevalent throughout as vigorous drum workouts keep things at a fairly fast pace.

Tensal in undeniably one of modern Techno’s most well respected and innovative producers and one that continues to add to his already prodigious catalogue.

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Gemini Voice Archive - The Remixes

Monday, 5th February 2018

Soma present a exclusive set of remixes taken from the debut album of the still unknown duo, Gemini Voice Archive. The pair have had an incredible journey so far on Soma with huge support across the techno world, made up of DJs & fans alike. The remix EP sees Slam, Inigo Kennedy & Matrixxman select their favourites from the album and give them their own interpretation.

Slam are up first with the space age Framauro’s Plains. The Soma label heads quickly and expertly delve head first with a fairly intense remix utilising the original’s hook but with more aggression. The maestro, Inigo Kennedy serves up a unique and almost Orchestral version of Singularity. He carves up the original beautifully adding finely tuned soundscapes. Closing out the EP is a more downbeat and dubbed out remix from Matrixxmann. His version of Significant Proportion of The Speed Of Light is a more subtle & atmospheric affair - typical of his style. 

There’s plenty more to come from the GVA boys with 2 more singles slated for 2018. Watch this space.

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Edit Select - Horizon

Monday, 29th January 2018

As we eagerly await the debut Edit Select album on Soma, the illustrious Glasgow based producer drops Horizon. Another clinical and wonderfully crafted EP that sees him continue his strong run of form, combining a teaser from the album itself alongside 2 exclusive compositions.

Variation 2.1 opens this latest release as Scott gradually builds with spaced out percussive elements and hauntingly ominous pad structures. The perfect opening track for any Techno set. Providing a glimpse into the the forthcoming album, Horizon#2 delivers a more emotive journey. Hypnotic drums and bell like percussion gently guide the ever evolving soundscapes that echo from the void. Closing out the single, The Space Between harks to Basic Channel/Maurizio like grooves with a more mechanical, pervasive edge. The trademark Edit Select ethereal melancholy is never far.

A suitably deep, stirring release and a perfect accompaniment to what is an outstanding LP

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Slam - Static Form EP

Monday, 22nd January 2018

Slam open the new year on a high after a hugely successful 2017, one that has taken them around the world showcasing the sound of Soma. The new EP, Static Form, continues the duo's foray into tougher club sounds yet retains the depth and precision that they are known for.

Opener Solace is a hypnotic journey, set to the backdrop of subtle, ominous pads and a jacking drum track. Fractions & Static Form continue the tripped out vibe of the EP but set their sights firmly at more peak time orientated sounds. Closing out with Disconnect, Slam unleash huge swelling synth hooks and sub heavy drums to power this monster.

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Symmetrical Behaviour - Deep Learning EP

Thursday, 18th January 2018

Soma start 2018 with a brand new collaborative project as Conrad Van Orton & VSK combine to form Symmetrical Behaviour. Their debut EP, Deep Learning, marries both styles expertly, delivering a solid and hard hitting release.

Heavy duty, mechanical Techno is the main force in this new project as the duo open with the abrasive Backpropogation before leaping into the pounding rhythms of Convolution Neural Network. Title track Deep Learning takes a more hypnotic approach will still remaining on the tougher edge. Closing the EP with Drug Design, a heady journey fraught with tense drones and saw like synths.

Soma are proud to welcome a daring new project from two of Techno’s brightest.

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Edit Select - Horizon EP Vinyl Pre-Order

Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Edit Select brings us his 2nd EP 'Horizon' from his forthcoming album. Pre-Order the vinyl and listen here!

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Soma25 - Digital Album

Wednesday, 23rd August 2017

Soma have enlisted the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan, Adam Beyer and more to provide brand new musical excursions for today's dance floors and beyond. These, coupled with many of today's new, up and coming names in the techno genre like Kobosil, VRIL & Jonas Kopp choosing their favourite tracks from the Soma back catalogue to remix sees Soma’s futuristic vision remaining strong with the celebration of 25 years being one of a forward thinking nature rather than one of nostalgia.

Ostgut’s Kobosil brings Slam’s ‘Visions’ into the prevailing drone-ebbed world, the veiled VRIL douses the timeless X Track by Percy X in his dubbed out demeanour and Jonas Kopp’s EBM workout of another Slam classic, ‘Stepback’ creates the standpoint for the project: “Always forward, never back”. Jeff Mills’ provides otherworldly connections with ‘A Tale From The Parallel Universe’, Weatherall delivers future/retro acid and Josh Wink unleashes a 9min epic dance floor burner. Robert Hood provides a straight up, fast paced dance floor workout; all coming together to form the collective consciousness of the Soma attitude. Slam deliver ‘Tempest’, a track that perfectly sums up the whirlwind last few years the pair have enjoyed as they continue to be at the forefront of the global Techno elite. Completing the assemblage of original tracks is Soma’s own Funk D’Void, bringing his unique brand of jacked up electronics with ‘808 Planet’.

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Soma500th Release - Slam Remixes

Monday, 21st August 2017

Slam have remixed Robert Hood and Carl Craig For Soma Records 500th release.

Soma500 is a very special release that sees label heads Slam visit two memorable tracks for them over this past anniversary year. The duo of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle rework Robert Hoods “The Bond We Formed” - taken exclusively from the Soma25 compilation and a track that has featured highly in countless sets, a unique Slam rework of Carl Craig’s interpretation of Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom’s 'Relevee'.

One of the most sought after tracks from this year’s Soma25 compilation, Robert Hood’s jacked up ‘The Bond We Formed’ is given two unique remixes from Slam. The first remix brings elements of Hood’s original drum workout together with Slam’s spacial sequences. The second remix sees the pair go retro with an homage to the minimal master, utilising proper 90s tripped out tonality.
The B-side brings together the minds of Detroit’s Carl Craig and Slam as the Glaswegian pair rework Carl’s remix into a full on Techno anthem. The instantly recognisable synth work plays the major part with thunderous percussive work helming the backbone of this monster as it swells to a rapturous crescendo.

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Soma25 Vinyl Boxset

Tuesday, 18th April 2017

Soma have enlisted the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan, Adam Beyer and more to provide brand new musical excursions for today's dance floors and beyond. These, coupled with many of today's new, up and coming names in the techno genre like Kobosil, VRIL & Jonas Kopp choosing their favourite tracks from the Soma back catalogue to remix sees Soma’s futuristic vision remaining strong with the celebration of 25 years being one of a forward thinking nature rather than one of nostalgia.

Comes with Poster and Stickers with exclusive artwork from Scottish artist, Kyle Irvine.

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Soma 25 Boiler Room

Tuesday, 28th March 2017

We host our first boiler room with Soma artists Rebekah, Clouds, SHDW & Obscure Shape and of course head honchos SLAM.

Boiler Room states: Since it's inception in 1991, Soma Records has situated itself at the bleeding edge of techno. We're heading to Glasgow for a rundown of where the label is at in 2017.
This line-up boasts the likes of Boiler Room favourites Clouds, alongside label owners SLAM themselves and debut appearances from both Rebekah and SDHW & Obscure Shape. It looks to be yet another raucous techno outing, with those loveably riotous Scottish crowds.

Link Here>>

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SLAM DRAM - Soma Whisky

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

Since its inception in 1991 on the streets of Glasgow, Soma Records has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest level in every area it operates. Soma has become an international brand as Slam's anthemic Positive Education in 1994 brought about an electronic renaissance that saw the group thrust into the limelight and green lit the furious rise of the label. Soma is also famous for the discovery of French duo Daft Punk and was the home to their first and much loved early singles including 'Alive' and 'Da Funk'.

Always at the cutting edge of dance music Soma has set a standard in House, Techno and Ambient Electronica throughout its history. Now standing tall and proud at the age of 25 and with over 500 releases under its belt, Soma has without doubt stood the test of time and maintains its forward thinking vision. To celebrate Somas 25th Year the label has worked with Creative Whisky Co and The Good Spirits Co to release some small batch speciality spirits. The culmination of this project sees the release of the SLAM DRAM, a very special 25 year old blended Whisky which we hope will become as classic as some of our records have become.


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Soma Exclusive: Gin & Techno

Tuesday, 5th July 2016

As Soma continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are proud to announce the limited release of Soma Gin & Techno. A high quality London Dry Gin at 46% abv, juniper is playing a lead role in the tasting notes. The gin is also oozing with other botanicals such as soft coriander, orange peel and wild thyme.

A very limited number are available - buy online from the Good Spirits Company.

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Soma Rum & Techno

Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Soma announce Rum & Techno: a limited batch run of 200 bottles of 18 year Single Cask Caroni Rum from Trinidad. Each bottle is hand numbered from 1 to 200. Buy now from The Good Spirits Company.

Click on the image to buy.

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Shoogle Studios & Soma team up to offer sound production course

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Using Ableton Live 9, Soma artist Simon Stokes (Petrichor) provides an 8 week
course in electronic music production.
For more information and enrolment information,
visit or or click on the image above.

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