Kaiser - The Way Back EP

Monday, 25th November 2019

Prolific Italian producer Kaiser makes his long awaited debut on Soma with a perfectly executed 4 track EP, The Way Back. Having been present on the scene through releases with Planet Rhythm, Animal Farm and more recently his own K S R imprint, Kaiser's style is a mixture of abrasive, hypnotic Techno blended with element of minimalism, glued together with a solid amount of groove.

Title track The Way Back reminisces to Birmingham-era UK Techno with it’s thundering rhythms and twisted synth hook. Tales Of The Future takes things on a more futuristic tip as spacial polyrhythms build the structure of this very functional track. Ramping up the pace a little more, Loud Cries builds incessantly as impulsive percussion drives this perfectly crafted tool. Clubbed to Death finishes off this Soma debut EP from Kaiser with a speedy broken beat as atonal pads and drones create a densely packed, atmospheric and climactic track.

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Symmetrical Behaviour - Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator EP

Monday, 11th November 2019

After a short hiatus, the dynamic duo of VSK & Conrad Van Orton return once with their collaborative project, Symmetrical Behaviour. After a stead stream of releases via Soma over the last couple of years. The pair took time out to focus on solo project but return with a vengeance with the Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator EP which furthers their experiments in sound design and high-powered Techno.

Title track Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator kicks of the EP at a furious pace as highly charged atmospheres create and emphatically large sound for the pairing suitably tough beats to hammer through. Quantum Interference Device goes down a more direct path are expertly crafted rhythms overlap against a backdrop of highly evolved developed drones and synths. Amplitude Spectral Density keeps the tempo moving but leans of a more industrial tip with crashing beats submerged against articulately mangled synths that drive home the true force of the track. Resonant Antennae closes out the new EP from Symmetrical Behaviour and really has them show off their production prowess. Jarring and off kilter rhythmic structure combine to deliver a truly head pounding track complete with the pairs stylistic atmosphere manipulation.

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Joe Farr - Identity

Friday, 1st November 2019

Joe Far lends his considerable talent to Soma Records with his latest release, Identity. Leading the charge in the new wave of UK based producers, Joe has become synonymous with the UK underground since first emerging in 2011. Since then, he's built an impressive body of work through his own User Experience imprint plus DSNT & Leisure Systems to name but a few. His debut Soma EP comprises of 3 fairly distinct, analogue tracks that further his sound effortlessly and continue to show his talent as one of the UK's most impressive producers.

Mastered by Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Temudo - Context EP

Monday, 14th October 2019

Soma are proud to welcome one of the most exciting talents currently rising up in the Techno scene at the moment as Portuguese producer Temudo makes his debut on the label. Via his own HAYES Collective, Temudo has impressed with a string of hard hitting yet well produced material that has made him quite the in demand producer. His Soma EP straddles the boundaries and tripped out 90s style Techno with a subtle deep approach throughout.

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Arnaud Le Texier - Grunge EP

Monday, 7th October 2019

Children Of Tomorrow boss Arnaud Le Texier makes an impressive debut on Soma Records with the Grunge EP. Exploring more harder texture with this release, Arnaud delivers 4 tracks with intense and subversive pressure.

Title track Grunge leans on rave & EBM sounds as punishing synths grown and build throughout. Fictional’s hypnotic, electrostatic buzz-saw synths are designed to cut through the heart of any dance floor and an alarming rate. Limule delivers on earth shattering sub power complete with dread forming synth hooks. Finishing off with Abell 3565, Le Texier once again brings the dance floor hypnotism with a deeper take yet still keeps the pace fast and fervid.

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Roberto Clementi - Dicodon EP

Tuesday, 1st October 2019

Soma welcome Italian based Roberto Clementi back into the fold with his brand new EP, Dicodon. Several years have passed since his last release and in that time, the experienced Clementi has reminded and toughened his sound. This latest EP takes him in a new musical direction yet remnants of his past still influence these new tracks.

Opening track, Sustainable Planets is an epic opener to say the least. Charging rhythms set the tone before a vast, orchestral string section opens up giving a very melancholic, dystopian feel to the track. Cesar’s Assassin takes things up a notch as fast paced, 4x4 drums lead the way while an ever evolving, punishing lead sears through the base of the track. Title track Dicodon closes out the EP with a more trippy vibe but no less hard hitting than previous. Yet more sturdy percussive elements are at play, creating a dynamic and ferocious rhythm track.

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Setaoc Mass EP - Fortnight

Friday, 13th September 2019

Mancunian maestro Setaoc Mass return for his second outing on Soma with the Fortnight EP. Drenched in his typical hard hitting yet meticulous produced style, Sam drops 4 top quality tracks and includes a special bonus track for the digital EP.

Time opens the EP with a particularly hypnotic sound and a definite driving pace as swelling and pulsing background atmospheres give this a quite aggressive backbone. Bluebells is yet another dance floor rocking track that hits the ground running right from the start. Razor sharp polyrhythmic structures keep the track interesting while intense percussive workouts provide the power. Title track Fortnight delves deeper whilst still remaining true to Sam’s direct and tough sound; don’t let this deeper side fool you, all the hallmarks of a proper banger remain intact! Chaos closes out things with a more groove laden and emotive tone as shuffling percussive elements funk things up before subtle synths work their way in giving the track a more melodic feel than the previous. Digital Bonus, Necessary Evil, is a straight up, no nonsense dance floor workout.

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Uun - Architects Of Fear EP [SOMA556D]

Monday, 2nd September 2019

The Vanity Trap opens the EP with a sense of urgency as bouncing rhythms steadily open up into pulsating, electric synths that seem to crawl through your skin whilst fast, effective percussion keep the pace. Between The Lines keeps the release pounding with a huge kicks and perfectly built hypnotic rhythms. Altstadt Echo steps up next with his remix of The Vanity Trap. His take offers a more broken beat and deeper affair as he puts the originals synths to work in a more drone orientated fashion. Machinations Of Descent closes the EP on a throughly hard hitting tone yet melancholic tone. An astute ambient producer as well, he merges his Techno & melodic elements beautifully on this track.

Mastered By Conor Dalton @ Glowcast Mastering

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Lewis Fautzi - Extinction

Thursday, 29th August 2019

Portuguese based Lewis Fautzi makes a welcome return to Soma with his latest EP of tripped out Techno, Extinction. Since first releasing with Soma back in 2013, the young DJ/producer has carved himself quite the career which has taken him around the world and saw him release with some of the globe’s most elite labels as well as forging his own Faut Section Imprint. This latest EP has Lewis further developing his sound with 4 distinct, warped and superbly produced tracks.

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Petrichor - blota

Monday, 19th August 2019

Petrichor drops the second single taken from upcoming LP Narisshu with the deep and unique blota. Soaked in his signature sound, this latest single has everything from Petrichor's sonic arsenal on display as remixed versions of album tracks sit beside some brand new material.

The dreamy vibe of blöta glides in as a perfect opener for the EP; a definite standout from the forthcoming LP. The Sedant remix of After Velvet, which has gone down a storm in recent live set performances, has an almost Deepchord quality to it with its electro acoustic soundscapes driving this deep rooted track. Harking once again to Detroit, XT3 takes us on an off world Electro journey as big pads and strong melodic content bring the emotion to this closing track.

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Slam -Reverberation EP

Monday, 12th August 2019

Soma Label heads Slam continue their assault on 2019 with the Reverberation EP. The pair have been on tremendous form of late and their relentless output on Soma is a testament to their dedication to the grander electronic music scene.

Title track Reverberation opens the EP with pair’s clinical production as modulating, alarm like synth work drives the basis of a suitably energetic track. Viper has the Glaswegian duo really taking things up a notch, pushing the BPM and rattling out a pure unadulterated dance floor weapon. Jarring synths attack head on as this screams full on 90s Techno assault. 

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Equus - Lava Flow Remixes

Monday, 29th July 2019

Soma delve deep into the label’s back catalogue to bring one of its most classic tracks bang up to date with brand new remixes for 2019. When Soma founder and director Glenn Gibbons’ solo alias ‘Equus’ originally dropped ‘Lava Flow’ back in 1996 with its deep, Detroit-esque vibes and dark acid synth line, it quickly became one of the label’s most instantly recognisable tracks. Now, in 2019, label heads Slam, Techno forerunner Marcel Fengler and Glasgow based talents Quail & AISHA offer their takes on this Soma classic.

Slam step up first and send the original hurtling in to the stratosphere with their typically hard and uncompromising sound with thundering kicks and brain shaking synth work; twisting the original into a completely new monster. Marcel Fengler delivers a more jacked up version as he uses the original parts to great effect, creating a deep yet effective remix. Upcoming Glasgow talents Quail (Animal Farm) & AISHA ramp the pace up once again dropping a powerful yet murky dance floor orientated weapon; stripping things back whilst delivering on intensity.

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Lars Huismann - Infinite Dimension EP

Monday, 8th July 2019

Berlin based Lars Huismann makes an incredible debut on Soma with the Infinite Dimension EP. Lars has slowly but surely built his name in the Techno scene with a steady stream of releases all marked with his signature hard hitting, futuristic sound. This 3 track release continues Lars' run of form with devastating results.

Among The Blinds opens the EP with Lars not holding back as he hits the ground running at a furious pace. Syncopated synths power the rhythmic elements as his excellent drum programming and use of FX drive home the opening, thunderous track. Lars continues to up the tempo with Mercury once again displays great prowess with his excellently constructed rhythms that continually evolve through out the track. Pandora closes Lars' debut EP on much the same intensity as the previous tracks. His powerful synth work takes control here as pulsing drum workouts help to really drive the track right onto the dance floor.

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Rebekah - Murder In Birmingham EP

Monday, 1st July 2019

Soma has been the main home for Rebekah's productions throughout recent years, when not releasing on Perc Trax, Mord, Sonic Groove, as well as her own impressive Elements imprint, which hosted her latest split release alongside Lag. The Berlin-based British producer and DJ Mag cover star is one of the most influential artists at the helm of the brutal techno movement and 'Murder In Birmingham' - an homage to her home - is further validation of this fact.

With its thundering bass, robust percussion and haunting aesthetic, 'Murder In Birmingham' epitomises Rebekah and all that she stands for. Nodding to early rave, 'Shutter' is next featuring powerful drums and twisted atmospherics before finishing with the ominous 'Peaking' to conclude the release with a storm of industrial sound.

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Uun - Proletarii EP

Tuesday, 28th May 2019

Burgeoning Detroit based producer Uun debuts on Soma with his Proletarii EP. Having only just broke into the international scene, Uun has impressed with releases on Mord, his own Ego Death imprint and Glasgow's own Animal Farm. His dark and pervasive sound continues with this 3 track release on Soma.

The Descending Passage opens the EP with syncopated synths and an obliterating kick drum workout that only increases in intensity as more percussive elements join the fray. Cruelty Is Nothing New takes things down a darker more cerebral path with electrified, pulsating synths twisting and melding around tripped out drums. Give Them Rope closes the release with a more hypnotic feeling as polyrhythmic structures drive the synth hooks while jacked up and groove laded drums provide the power.

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Petrichor - Signal EP

Monday, 20th May 2019

As we eagerly await the latest LP from Glasgow based DJ/producer, Petrichor, the first single taken from Narisshu drops with some exciting remixes. The Signal EP features tracks taken from the upcoming album and interpretations from Techno legend Echoplex and Glasgow enigma, Pub.

Taken from Narisshu, the interestingly titled 6EQUJ5 is one of the more upbeat and dance floor orientated slices. Storming in with a fairly definitive kick drum and polyrhythmic structures, it is indicative of Petrichor's style that straddles the environmental Techno landscape. Polish Techno legend, Echoplex turns his hand to After Velvet and delivers his typical groove laden yet hard hitting version that incorporates the original's emotional content. After a long search, Petrichor came across the Glasgow enigma, Pub. His atmospherics perfectly suited to Petrichor’s own, a double take of remixes followed. His Rita version of Valdo is suitably dubbed out with a proper downtempo feel while his AM version of After Velvet takes on a more cerebral and almost Trip-Hop vibe - both delivering on hypnosis.

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Modig - Latissimus EP inc Blawan Remix

Monday, 13th May 2019

Soma proudly present a very special label debut from berlin based Modig with his Latissimus EP; 3 powerful and dangerous dance floor weapons backed with a fearsome Blawan remix. Resident at festivals & clubs in his home of Berlin, Modig has been hard at work in his fully analogue studio whipping up pure, raw Techno showcasing what is sure to be a talent of the future.

UK don Blawan opens the EP with his interpretation of title track Latissimus. His unique, funding sound is prevalent from the outset as he turns in a proper jacked up and furious rendering. The Way It Breaks is a fast paced, stripped down dance floor pounder. Simple yet effective drums and rhythms lead the way as pads create the depth. The original version of Latissimus opens the flip side with it's beautiful yet haunting pads atop hypnotic, grimey vocal slices and jacking beats. Pikes closes out the release with its caustic rhythms and looped out beats creating a real driving and percussive laden track.

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SLV- Berlin. A Portrait In Music - Remixes

Monday, 22nd April 2019

SLV's 'Berlin. A Portrait In Music' album on Soma receives a string of remixes from Setaoc Mass, Stanislav Tolkachev, Conforce, as well as a VIP mix from SLV himself.
Hailing from Berlin, SLV is well respected for his melancholic sound design and crystalline soundscapes having released on labels like Ilario Alicante's Virgo and Slam's Soma. Following the release of SLV's ambient 'Berlin. A Portrait In Music' album, Slam’s iconic label has invited a powerful selection of techno producers to reimagine a handful of tracks; Figure, Clergy and Work Them Records producer Setaoc Mass; Ukraine’s master of mind-bending techno, Stanislav Tolkachev; and also Delsin regular Conforce.
'Dust' by SK_Eleven founder Setaoc Mass brings melodic flare with enveloping synths above dark rumbling lows, before SLV injects some energy into 'Talking With The Shadows' with his own Rave Mix, incorporating moody tones and slow flowing arps with dark cavernous reverb. Krill and Mord artist Stanislav Tolkachev then offers a steady beat with euphoric chimes and vinyl hiss for his stripped back 'First Day In The City', preceding Dutch artist Conforce's 'Forest Voices' which balances unearthly sound design and a steppy drum pattern.

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Kontal - The Seventh Soul EP

Friday, 12th April 2019

Kontal makes a welcome return to Soma as he drops his second release on the label, The Seventh Soul. Kontal keeps things rough and ready with this latest EP with 3 solid, dance floor orientated weapons.

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Roll Dann - Secrets EP

Monday, 11th March 2019

Spanish based Roll Dann delivers his second Soma release, the bold and enigmatic Secrets EP. Following on from his first release, Roll Dann keeps things firmly focused on the dance floor maintaining power and a firm flow of direction.

Lexeme opens the EP with intense and forceful percussive elements that build gradually but subtly along side droning synth hooks. Deep Breathe delivers more on groove yet keep the hypnotic and driving elements Roll Dann is known for. Secret wastes no time is delving head first into pounding, relentless rhythmics structures but gradually opens into the more melodic of the EP’s tracks. The Fist closes the EP with yet more haunting and caustic rhythms, Roll Dann uses the builds and drops to superb degree to yet again drive home is unique brand of Techno.

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SLV - Berlin. A Portrait in Music

Friday, 22nd February 2019

Stemming from the heart of East Berlin, German producer SLV has picked up a number of influences on his musical journey whilst living amongst electronic music culture from an early age. Having steadily built a reputation for himself for diving into the realms of melancholic sound design, reflected in previous releases on Ilario Alicante’s Virgo label and Soma, his ‘Berlin Portrait In Music’ sees him add to his long list of Soma contributions following the recent standout ‘Athenæum 101’ LP from label bosses Slam themselves.
‘First Day In The City’ sets the tone right from the off with hypnotizing keys, emotive atmospherics and alleviating sound design, whilst ‘Sky’ follows suit as it balances drones with otherworldly soundscapes. ‘This Cold Night’ and ‘Forest Voices’ delightfully maintain the stirring ambience throughout as tranquilizing vibrations take the focus, before ‘Mirage’ and ‘Dust’ deliver heartwarming oscillations layered with captivating sonics.
Dark but uplifting moods are later conveyed within ‘Night Stars’ and ‘January 31’, journeying through arousing aesthetics from start to finish. ‘Talking With Shadows’ then harmonises between deep, syncopated drums and low strung synth stabs until eloquent chords balanced and angelic pads together display a poignant aura in ‘Melancholy Dreams’. ‘Away’ then elegantly rounds things off with tender strings, alluring melodies and moving elements.

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Magna Pia - Eostre EP

Monday, 4th February 2019

After a stunning debut at the tail end of 2018, Huseyin Evirgen aka Magna Pia returns to Soma for his 2nd release with the Eostre EP. With full focus on the solo project, Evirgen has once again delivered 4 cuts of raw, analogue Techno that show great depth and drive.

Title track Eostre opens the EP with its subtle drones and hypnotic drum patterns and synth hook sets the tone of the EP perfectly from the outset. Lioness sets out with a distinctly rawer edge to it, a buss like bass line grinds against delayed drums and otherworldly synths. Acre keeps things on a more hypnotic note once again yet steps up the pace slightly, it’s gently looping patters ebb and flow perfectly. Syenite closes out the release and has Magna Pia delving right in to the dark recesses and disturbing synths pull and push their way through the void connected by powerful and intensive drum workouts.

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Slam - Archive Edit Vol 2

Monday, 28th January 2019

Slam open 2019 with the latest addition to the Archive Edit series. Volume 2 has the pair rework a previously unreleased track from 1998 Scorpion, a full-throttle dance floor excursion that has been brought in line with the times and has featured in countless Slam sets of late

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EOS Research - Exoplanet EP

Monday, 21st January 2019

Anonymous duo EOS Research kick start Soma’s 2019 releases with deep, exploratory vibes on the Exoplanet EP. This new project shows a great maturity in it’s productions that melds dark hypnotic rhythms with ominous tones & textures.

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Fluido Energetico - Giordano

Monday, 21st January 2019

Soma continue to hit the ground running in 2019, welcoming more new talent to the roster in the form of Italian based producer, Giordano. He opens his Soma account with the hard hitting and expertly produced Fluido Energetico.

Haunting yet energetic and propulsive Techno is the order of the day throughout the EP as title track Fluido Energetico starts with a flurry of momentum. Who One Is initially takes things down into deeper territory yet still possesses a unique aggressive tone. Why One Is displays a depth of control in the young producer as dark and cerebral synths build perfectly through the track, delivering real power. Giordano’s debut EP is closed out with Headless which doesn’t let up in momentum as yet more twisted synths create the backbone of this intense production.

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Slam - Transport EP

Monday, 10th December 2018

Slam’s final release of the year has them heading back into dance floor orientated territory with the Transport EP. 2018 has been a massive year for the duo with their non stop touring alongside typically huge releases on Soma, plus the release of their 7th studio album ‘Athenæum 101’ to critical acclaim.

The Method gets the EP going as evolving, modulating synths carry the vibe against straight up and effective drums. Taking a more deeper approach, Response glides gently with pulsating yet subtle tones used for hypnotic effect as energetic percussion constructs a jacking element to the track. Picking up the pace again, Strike Encounter has a tripped out sequence, reminiscent of early Hood minimalism, driving the core with a sense of urgency. Highly effective drum patterns keep the rapidity in check also. Slam power home the EP with it’s titular final track, Transport. Jarring, percussive like synth attack with unrelenting momentum, further tension being built by creative FX use once again. A more emotive element is introduced with a hovering yet uneasing pad, that gives way to the unyielding energy present throughout.

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Roll Dann - Diverse Fields EP

Monday, 26th November 2018

Soma welcome yet more new blood into the fold in the shape of Spanish producer, Roll Dann. With only a few releases under his belt, the young producer quickly caught the Soma team’s ears with his style. With his Diverse Fields EP, Roll Dann delivers 4 slices of dance floor fixated weaponry. 

Title track Diverse Fields opens the EP and its instantly hypnotic hook grabs you before rave induced synths fill the track creating tension throughout. Chips continues the hypnotism but leans more on a more droning, mechanical tip. Laurel raises the intensity even more with its staccato synths & sharp percussive elements, Roll Dann really drives this one home. Aural Revision closes out Roll Dann’s debut Soma release; a quirky sequence leads the track, modulating subtly throughout as stern drums build and pulsate. 

A bold debut from the young Spaniard and one that shows great promise.

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SLV- Reflected Light EP

Monday, 12th November 2018

Soma favourite SLV marks a return to the label with a brand new single, Reflected Light EP. With a special concept album in the works, the Berlin based producer drops three uniquely crafted tracks that show a maturation of his already well sculpted sound.

Title track Reflected Light is an energetic, rave infused track set to SLV's signature rolling, powerful drum workouts. Dreamscapes take has SLV on an acid tip reminiscent of early Plastikman. A subtle yet eerily deep acid line drifts across well crafted percussive elements that are drenched in just enough reverb to deliver that atmospheric tension. Keeping things fresh, SLV rounds of the EP with a tougher broken beat affair. Twisted, modulating leads snarl throughout as rock hard drums set the pace.

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Setoac Mass - Surface For Air EP

Friday, 9th November 2018

Soma welcome Manchester born - Berlin based Setaoc Mass for his label debut with the Surface For Air EP. A longtime favourite of the Soma camp, Sam’s high energy Techno and creative style has been sought after for some time. With some huge releases on his own SK11 imprint, Sam delivers four devastating, club ready weapons.

Sam’s driving style is prevalent on all 4 tracks yet he still injects a dose of emotion in each as twisted sequences and ambient, ethereal soundscapes are peppered throughout giving each one a unique, distinctive sound.

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Symmetrical Behaviour - Distorting Influence EP

Monday, 15th October 2018

Soma welcome back the pairing of VSK & Conrad Von Orton for their 3rd outing on the label with their collaborative project, Symmetrical Behaviour. The pair have slowing been building their repertoire with Soma and their latest release, Distorting Influence, has them once again delivering 3 unique and dynamic tracks.

‘Resisting a Distorting Influence’ opens the EP with warped and tripped out synths lines set against a dark and hypnotic background of stripped rhythmic elements. The duo begin to accelerate with ’Deformation Gradient’ as colossal synth hooks build gradually with cyclonic effect, setting the tone for a fairly chaotic yet controlled affair. ‘Finite Strain Theory‘ closes out the EP in much the same fashion with yet more intense, high impact tonality. Syncopated synths are the driving force, again building slowly while snapping, abrasive percussion shatter the tension and propel the track with thunderous momentum.

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Slam - Cyclone EP

Monday, 8th October 2018

Slam are back with another single on their Soma imprint, delivering 3 devastating tracks with the Cyclone EP. The dynamic Glasgow duo have been relentless with their material this year - despite their heavy touring schedule - which only seems to have increased their output and dedication to cultivating their well refined sound. 

Opening with Antonym, Slam keep the sound deep, dark and hypnotic as incessant drums fuel the twisted and foreboding synths lines. Title track Cyclone certainly steps things up a notch as pulsating tones cascade across a typical lethal and intense percussive section. Revolve closes out the EP bridging the styles of the two previous tracks nicely. A solid, grounded tone is set by the rolling subs and kicks while gradually accentuating high hats keep the pace of the track; the synth elements are slowly enhanced, always building and continue with fevered momentum. 

Slam easily convey an intense and controlled environment with this EP - exhibiting great depth and disciplined production skills.

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Monday, 8th October 2018

Sample Magic is proud to present a collaboration with one of most the legendary labels around: Soma Records.

Soma Records: Sample Pack Part 1 delivers 450mb+ of royalty-free sounds that embody the essence of the seminal, legendary techno label. Expect an archive packed with pounding tech-beats, dark analogue synths, brooding basslines, hardware FX, reworked classic drum hits, and one-shots curated into various formats (Ableton Rack, EXS24, and Reason Combinator Presets).

Expertly crafted by SLV - born in the heart of the East Berlin and heavily influenced by techno culture since birth, sprinkles of melancholic funk ride loop after loop of gritty basement grooves. SLV's much-vaunted productions have garnered the attention of Slam, Amelie Lens, Charlotte De Witte, Tale of Us, Ilario Alicante and Cleric to name a few and now proudly appear exclusively on Sample Magic.

The collection has been created using the finest drum machines, synths, and outboard processing to ensure an authentic vibe throughout, stamped and sealed with the Soma seal of approval for a collection guaranteed to inspire.

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Charles Fenckler - Distant Light EP

Tuesday, 18th September 2018

The much lauded Charles Fenckler makes a triumphant return to Soma Records with the Distant Light EP. Charles ramps up the pace with 3 tough, acid Techno tracks - firmly aimed at dance floor destruction.

Title track Distant Light opens with a thunderously distorted 909 kick drum and wastes no time in launching into a flurry of intense percussive elements, amen style samples and alarm like synth hooks. Texture 3.0003 has a decidedly deeper feel to it yet keeps the momentum going as Fenckler works in the acid to great effect. Tension closes out EP in furious fashion as trippy vocals sit atop a crunching drum workout with Fenckler keeping it relentless with his full on, raw energy.

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Magna Pia - Venus Genetrix EP

Tuesday, 28th August 2018

Soma welcome one half of the Cassegrain project under his own alias, Magna Pia, for a special debut release on the label. Having conquered the Techno world as the duo Cassegrain, Hüseyin Evirgen has now decided to focus on this solo project for a series of releases with Soma. Venus Genetrix delivers all all fronts with a suitably raw and upfront sound.

Title track Venus Genetrix kicks of the EP with stripped back percussion gliding alongside pumping kicks as trance inducing synth elements working their way in gently - a heady and cerebral journey. Percival keep the momentum going and picks up the pace instantly with syncopated synth patterns guiding the way as a steadily mutating hook and driving drums create perfect dance floor weaponry. Judith closes out EP on a slightly deeper note. Vigorous, energetic percussive elements keep the impetus on the driving nature of the previous tracks but Judith is glued together nicely by a deep, atmospheric pad and hazy, filtered components.

A well crafted and immersive release, Magna Pia looks set to continue his fine run of form with this Soma EP.

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Tensal - Graphical Remixes

Monday, 20th August 2018

Following the critically acclaimed debut album from Tensal, Soma presents a specially commissioned remix EP to compliment the album. A varied collection of artists are prominent on the release with new and established alike, each delivering their own take on Tensal’s originals.

UK producer Pessimist opens the EP. His unique aesthetic of Jungle/Drum&Bass - come - Techno certainly makes its presence felt on the A Side as he delivers a monster of a remix, soaked in dark, brooding textures and broken rhythms. Another UK techno export makes his debut on Soma as Shifted lends his remix skills to the package. Pulsating and propulsive, Shifted exudes pure energy with his version of Santolaya. Prolific French producer Umwelt closes out the EP with his interpretation of Belga. An old skool, electro affair Umwelt still retains a melancholic edge to the production. 

Two special, digital only tracks from Shifted & Umwelt also feature in this promo

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SLAM - Synchro EP

Monday, 13th August 2018

Slam release a new EP hot on the heels of their new Archive Edits Series, one that sees the Glaswegian duo focusing firmly on raw, dance floor Techno with fast paced  intelligently programmed audio assaults. 

Title track Synchro features a remix from Autonomous, a snapping 808 electro workout with slick robotic beats and synths to create a melancholic vibe. The original of Synchro quickly follows like a knockout blow with a thundering pace. Static shock synth hooks drive a steady and unyielding 909 beat. Trilinear brings a bit more depth but still retains ferocity. Resonating and pulsing synths create the tension with propulsive percussion constructing the energy. Destrakt continues the high energy tone set by the rest of the EP, producing an intense workout. 

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Yan Cook - Toxin EP

Tuesday, 7th August 2018

In form Ukrainian producer Yan Cook returns to the Soma ranks, following up his debut release on the label earlier this year by delivering 3 unique and hard hitting tracks soaked with his usual flair and singular aesthetic in the Toxin EP, 

Title track Toxin displays Yan as his most powerful. Thunderous and aggressive, Toxin is relentless Techno of the highest order. Yan keep the momentum flowing with Noisy Neighbour but adds depth with pulsating synth tones running the backbone of the track, glue together by tight percussive elements. Closing out the EP with ZZZ, a more dark and cinematic approach is taken with Yan really working the synth elements and sound design, creating high octane sounds combined with punishing drum workouts. 

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Soma500th Release - Slam Remixes

Monday, 21st August 2017

Slam have remixed Robert Hood and Carl Craig For Soma Records 500th release.

Soma500 is a very special release that sees label heads Slam visit two memorable tracks for them over this past anniversary year. The duo of Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle rework Robert Hoods “The Bond We Formed” - taken exclusively from the Soma25 compilation and a track that has featured highly in countless sets, a unique Slam rework of Carl Craig’s interpretation of Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom’s 'Relevee'.

One of the most sought after tracks from this year’s Soma25 compilation, Robert Hood’s jacked up ‘The Bond We Formed’ is given two unique remixes from Slam. The first remix brings elements of Hood’s original drum workout together with Slam’s spacial sequences. The second remix sees the pair go retro with an homage to the minimal master, utilising proper 90s tripped out tonality.
The B-side brings together the minds of Detroit’s Carl Craig and Slam as the Glaswegian pair rework Carl’s remix into a full on Techno anthem. The instantly recognisable synth work plays the major part with thunderous percussive work helming the backbone of this monster as it swells to a rapturous crescendo.

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Soma25 Vinyl Boxset

Tuesday, 18th April 2017

Soma have enlisted the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Steve Bicknell, Andrew Weatherall (appearing as Woodleigh Research Facility), Blawan, Adam Beyer and more to provide brand new musical excursions for today's dance floors and beyond. These, coupled with many of today's new, up and coming names in the techno genre like Kobosil, VRIL & Jonas Kopp choosing their favourite tracks from the Soma back catalogue to remix sees Soma’s futuristic vision remaining strong with the celebration of 25 years being one of a forward thinking nature rather than one of nostalgia.

Comes with Poster and Stickers with exclusive artwork from Scottish artist, Kyle Irvine.

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Soma 25 Boiler Room

Tuesday, 28th March 2017

We host our first boiler room with Soma artists Rebekah, Clouds, SHDW & Obscure Shape and of course head honchos SLAM.

Boiler Room states: Since it's inception in 1991, Soma Records has situated itself at the bleeding edge of techno. We're heading to Glasgow for a rundown of where the label is at in 2017.
This line-up boasts the likes of Boiler Room favourites Clouds, alongside label owners SLAM themselves and debut appearances from both Rebekah and SDHW & Obscure Shape. It looks to be yet another raucous techno outing, with those loveably riotous Scottish crowds.

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SLAM DRAM - Soma Whisky

Wednesday, 23rd November 2016

Since its inception in 1991 on the streets of Glasgow, Soma Records has stood for uncompromising quality of the highest level in every area it operates. Soma has become an international brand as Slam's anthemic Positive Education in 1994 brought about an electronic renaissance that saw the group thrust into the limelight and green lit the furious rise of the label. Soma is also famous for the discovery of French duo Daft Punk and was the home to their first and much loved early singles including 'Alive' and 'Da Funk'.

Always at the cutting edge of dance music Soma has set a standard in House, Techno and Ambient Electronica throughout its history. Now standing tall and proud at the age of 25 and with over 500 releases under its belt, Soma has without doubt stood the test of time and maintains its forward thinking vision. To celebrate Somas 25th Year the label has worked with Creative Whisky Co and The Good Spirits Co to release some small batch speciality spirits. The culmination of this project sees the release of the SLAM DRAM, a very special 25 year old blended Whisky which we hope will become as classic as some of our records have become.


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Soma Exclusive: Gin & Techno

Tuesday, 5th July 2016

As Soma continue to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are proud to announce the limited release of Soma Gin & Techno. A high quality London Dry Gin at 46% abv, juniper is playing a lead role in the tasting notes. The gin is also oozing with other botanicals such as soft coriander, orange peel and wild thyme.

A very limited number are available - buy online from the Good Spirits Company.

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Soma Rum & Techno

Wednesday, 25th November 2015

Soma announce Rum & Techno: a limited batch run of 200 bottles of 18 year Single Cask Caroni Rum from Trinidad. Each bottle is hand numbered from 1 to 200. Buy now from The Good Spirits Company.

Click on the image to buy.

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Shoogle Studios & Soma team up to offer sound production course

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Using Ableton Live 9, Soma artist Simon Stokes (Petrichor) provides an 8 week
course in electronic music production.
For more information and enrolment information,
visit or or click on the image above.

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