Alex Smoke

French DJ and producer, since 2021, Klint established his name within the upper layers of the techno scene at the speed of light. From his seminal debut and successive follow-ups on Planet Rhythm onto his freshest delivery for CLR Records, the Montpellier-based artist has piled up head-turning releases one after the other. Scanning the fringes between gridlocked 4x4 plastering and zero-G cosmonautics, his series of outings on the likes of Truncate (Ninth Circle EP) or his hot-off- the-press remix for Alan Fitzpatrick alongside Planetary Assault Systems aka Luke Slater, as well as his 69 Method (2023) on Slam's imprint, SOMA Records, all of Klint's releases bear the hallmarks of an artist continually reaching for techno's most differentiating assets and time-proof values. Putting on a fully immersive experience for the body and soul together, Klint lays down fuel-efficient material, built to withstand extensive club use without losing any of its angular punch. Cutting his path at the frontline of industrial and abstract techno, the Frenchman keeps writing his name and legacy in capitals.

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