Alex Smoke

Based in Stockholm/Sweden, Lakej emerges from a long heritage of Swedish techno. After many years of explorations to refine his sound, he debuted on Adriana Lopez label Grey Report with the solo EP Structural Cohesion. This debut presented a theme that would guide not only his sound but also his concepts and titles to this current date.

With a huge love for details and rhythmic structures his music has evolved into an introspective, futuristic and yet timeless sound. With intricate textures, atmospheres and deep driving rhythms his music invites you to be swept away into hypnotic states, both in comfort of your own listening space as well as on the dance floor.

Since the debut his output has been steady with albums, EP's, single tracks and remixes on well
established labels such as Semantica, NON series Nachtstrom Schallplatten and Soma.

Latest Releases