My Robot Friend

Alex Smoke

Soma records are pleased to announce their new signing, New York's My Robot Friend.

Falling somewhere between the insane live energy of Devo and the creative, refined performance art of Laurie Anderson, My Robot Friend's manic, multimedia live shows have gained him a stellar reputation in the international music scene.

A.k.a Howard Robot, My Robot Friend has appeared on Rolling Stone magazine's Hot List alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt, and has showcased his robot singing/songwriting abilities around the world on stages, opening for luminaries such as the Scissor Sisters, Le Tigre and Herbert.

My Robot Friend's new album 'Dial 0' is now finished and has been signed by robo-friendly label Soma Records for release in 2006. This album is a hyper electro-pop opus that plays out like a party jukebox for the 21st century. The style of the individual tracks varies wildly while a crackling electric current pulses from within.

My Robot Friend's plastic personality is present on every song with unique arrangements, vocals and lyrics. His songs are well lit with character and arranged to form perfect frenetic and synthetic pop music.

In November 2004, My Robot Friend's 'Hot Action!' made its long awaited emergence from New York City's electronic underground. The album spent several months in the CMJ charts and hit the top 20 electronic albums in iTunes international sales charts.

Tracks have appeared on compilations on influential labels like Mute, Ladomat, Soundslike and Ministry of Sound. Remixes have come from Matmos, Steril and Zombie Nation and the Pet Shop Boys even covered a My Robot Friend song about them called, fittingly, 'We're The Pet Shop Boys.'

This will undoubtedly be an exciting and welcome addition to the Soma roster for 2006 and beyond.

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