Faculty X

Alex Smoke

FACULTY X ‘AIRPORTS & HOSPITALS’ Bryan Zentz makes his Soma debut with his Faculty X project. Fresh from success of his ‘Seven Breaths’ album on In-tec, Bryan is one of techno’s most respected producers. The Soma connection was formed when SLAM recently remixed his ‘D Clash’ track.

Faculty X was concieved as a project to explore the deeper side of things. Influenced by topics regarding the spiritual and supernatural, the project name was taken from a term coined by paranormal expert Colin Wilson. The first Faculty X 12' "Citizen" was released on Zozan Music and found its way onto mix CDs by Justin Robertson and Lawrence Burden. A remix ep followed with mixes by Richard Brown of Swag, Jori Holkunnen and DJ C1. "Airports & Hospitals" is the third installment. Airports & Hospitals: Two locations where people cross paths and converge usually out of necessity for a common purpose. Unlike many other "preferential" locations such as shopping or eating venues, these hubs are not as restricted by demographic and economic factors. It is said by some that we come into contact with each other for a reason no matter how briefly.

A1: The Perils of Second Sight For one to possess the power to see into the beyond is a great responsibilty. What if its something one cannot just "turn off" at will. What if you didnt like what you saw? Should and can one try and change these things...

B1: Invidia The friendly but haunting voice of a dead girl speaks through frequencies, not unlike the "Electro Magnetic Voice Phenomenon" found by ghost researchers in haunted hot-spots. This track originated as part of a live PA that was performed at the Glasgow Arches for the night "Pressure". Appropriately it found its home at Soma Records!

B2: Dead Circuit A lazy dubbed out number asking: "Are our bodies merely devices for energy to pass through? Where does this energy go after its left the circuit"?

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