Percy X

Alex Smoke

Soma’s mysterious digital funkmaster and techno veteran Percy X returns to the label and asks "where’s the music?"

‘Where’s The Music’ is the all new album from the X-Man and he has crafted a sonic journey through an electronic dancefloor. Percy X is famed for his no holds barred techno sets but as of late he has been embracing the nu-electro and sleaze funk sounds of Clone, Bpitch Control and Rotters Golf Club. ‘Where’s The Music’ nods to electro, house and techno then morphs into a deep hybrid, full of machine soul.

Percy X is the alter ego of Tony Scott, the talented Glasgow DJ and producer. He has been producing electronic music since the early nineties, initially with friend Richard Miller under the moniker Havana for fellow Glasgow label Limbo. The Havana tracks ‘Shtoom’ and ‘Ethnic Prayer’ are cited as classics of this era. He has been part of the Soma family since 1994, his debut release was the highly rated ‘X-Tracks’. Since then he has consistently produced high calibre cuts including two albums ‘Gain’ and ‘Spyx’, and eight singles which includes the Andy Weatherall collaboration ‘-3’ and the highly acclaimed ‘Track 2’ which has just been included on the recent Soma 10 Anthology.

Acid house was the catalyst to kick start his DJ career in 1989 with Todd Terry’s ‘Black Riot’ being the pivotal record. Seduced by the energy and innovation Percy X became a house music disciple and vinyl junkie, dedicated to the art of spinning. His mixing style is fast and precise, a chain reaction of breakin’ cuts, locked rhythms and nuclear sonic booms - a very exciting spectacle indeed! He is one of the country’s best techno exports and plays regularly throughout Europe and the US. He has also maintained a highly successful residency in Glasgow club ‘Alaska’ with his GAIN night. Andrew Weatherall and Rolando are regular guests at the club, other guests have included Radioactive Man, Steve Bicknell, Mark Broom, The Hacker and Baby Ford.

Back to the album, ‘Where’s The Music’ kicks of with the excellent mellow electro vibes of ‘Find Yourself’ (originally released on Soma 105 ‘Maintain’) and the masterful ‘Now Your Mine’, through the arpeggiated dancefloor groover ‘Club X’. ‘Time To Jack’ is a jackin n’ breakin electroid cut which will be released in the summer with a Radioactive Man remix and ‘Casiotone’ has a cool old skool 80’s feel to it.

The first single to be taken from the album is the future classic ‘Afterplan’. This release again shows the different moods and styles of the X-Man. A supreme example of Percy’s sound right now – a driving rhythm is underpinned by a heartbreaking string which will melt the heart of the toughest dancefloor. This track is high quality techno fuel and is already in the boxes and charts of a cross section of DJ’s.

‘On A Day’ is also a future single release and another highlight of the album. Percy’s deep emotional techno soul with a kick that will ensure it will work on the dancefloor. Slam have included this in their forthcoming ‘DMC Presents Slam’ double mix album.

‘Vox Digital’ has a classic Eevolute sound, updated with new electronic German style influences and is another club killer. Title track and energy bound techno cut ‘Where’s The Music’ raises the tempo and ‘Inbox’ closes the album in fine pounding XMan style – a powerful technoid workout to devastate the club base and please the Percy X fans.

This is a fantastic return from one of Soma’s best loved children, check out his all new live set.